Saramonic SR-XMS2

  • 32500 (ekskl. moms)

The SR-XMS2 features an alligator-style lapel clip for easy and secure attachment to your shirt or lapel and a 20′ (6 m) cable to maximize freedom of movement and accessibility.

An omnidirectional pick-up pattern equalizes the sound captured regardless the position of the microphone, making the SR-XMS2 incredibly versatile and the ideal choice for interviews, podcasts, diction, and other hands-free recordings.

The Saramonic SR-XMS2 provides improved sensitivity and higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to other popular lavalier microphones such as the Rode smartLav+, while only being half the price. This is currently the best performance/cost value on the market.

Key Features

  • Directional Stereo Lavalier Microphone
  • Plug-in power not requiring of battery
  • Improved Sensitivity and Signal-to-Noise
  • Removable Pop Shield Included
  • Mic Clip for Securing Microphone to Clothing


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