Datavideo MCU-100P

  • 1458500 (ekskl. moms)

The Datavideo MCU-100P is designed to control and configure up to four Panasonic cameras. It can control record and playback functions, user memory functions, shutter speed, iris, white balance, black level, and gain adjustments of the cameras.

Using the included four AD-1 adapters, the MCU-100P can connect up to four Panasonic cameras via individual RJ-45 connection.

Designed to be compact and portable, the MCU-100P is a great tool to have for outdoor productions where lighting exposure can be varied. The MCU-100P allows constant adjustment of image exposure and color balance of up to four cameras depending on the condition of the environment.

*Supported Panasonic Camcorder Models: 
(dated January 4th, 2017. Models with an asterisk (*) are supported since firmware version 1.8)

  • - AG-HPX25.   - AG-HPX300
  • - AG-HPX301   - AG-HPX302
  • - AG-HPX304   - AG-HPX370
  • - AG-HPX370P - AG-HPX371
  • - AG-HPX372   - AG-HPX500
  • - AG-HPX502   - AG-HPX600
  • - AG-HPX600P - AJ-HDX900
  • - AJ-HPX2700  - AJ-HPX2700G
  • - AJ-HPX3000  - AJ-HPX2000
  • - AJ-HPX310    - AJ-PX800G
  • - AJ-PX500      - AG-HPX393

Lesing fra 280,-kr / Mdr.

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