Datavideo SE-3200

  • 3998500 (ekskl. moms)

Datavideo HD 

Supports full 1080P

The SE-3200 is Datavideo's top of the line switcher with full 1080p support on every input and ouput.

Perfect for large sized live productions

The SE-3200 is equipped with 12 inputs (8x SDI, 4x HDMI) and 9 outputs (6x SDI, 3x HDMI) to help you produce a sophisticated and professional live event.

Create stunning video effects with advanced features

Advanced features include 8x PIPs, 4x upstream keyers for chromakey, linear and luma keys as well as picture-in-picture, 2x DSKs, and 2x independent logos or dual chromakeyers.

Built-in animation and backgrounds
Choose from a variety of pre-saved animated stinger transitions and 50 virtual set backgrounds to create advanced effects.
4 Chromakeyers provide you the 4-channel virtual studio effect
4 Channels of Virtual Studio provide you a professional live production.  
Supports XPT (Cross Point Assignment)
A XPT feature giving you a much easy use on the live production.  
4 XLR analogue audio input and 2 de-embedded output channels


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