Datavideo TBC-5000

  • 598500 (ekskl. moms)

The TBC-5000 Time Base Corrector/Matrix Switcher from Datavideo is a four-channel unit that is well suited for small studio setups and simple switching applications where video signals may need to be stabilized or synchronized. It is designed to accept either composite (BNC) or S-video (Y/C) inputs and replace poor time base signals or sync track errors in videotape playback.

It can also be used to allow synchronization of up to four asynchronous video signals when used with a house-sync, genlock, or blackburst signal generator. This solution is ideal for use in setups with other products such as the Datavideo DVK-100 standalone chromakey solution, an analog-to-digital converter, or an analog video capture card.

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